Stay On The Cutting Edge and Be A Leader In Your Field With Offline Multimedia Survey Integration

People have been discovering ways to take advantage of recording tools to capture multimedia in a survey for later review. As SurveyPocket has evolved, we understand the importance of multimedia incorporation in market research. SurveyPocket has gone beyond existing traditional survey administration. Not only does the application run on your mobile device; it also allows for surveys to be administered while there is no internet connection.

So, of course, keeping with our trend of ingenuity, we now offer offline capabilities to record multimedia. Recording Audio, Photos, and Video is now flawlessly integrated in SurveyPocket.

What are the benefits for a surveyor you ask? For one, it has been proven that the combination of audio and visual stimulus increases retention. Also, electronic recording requires little attention during the interview, as there are no tapes to change, no additional equipment to set up and no distraction during the interview.  Feedback from respondents and interviewers indicates that most people forget about digital recording when the microphone is internal, once the interview gets underway.

Once a survey has been administered, the survey answers can later be reviewed; pausing to understand the question or pause at unnatural places while inventing an answer. Some key metrics to look at when considering using multimedia in your survey include:

  • Diary keeping keeping: More effective than traditional paper and pencil
  • Time critical applications:  Quick feedback on time sensitive issues (e.g. for audience research)
  • Proliferation of channels mean the consumers have a huge range of ways in which they can “touch” a brand
  • Need to get a good understanding of which channels and which messages are most effective
  • Need to capture the full range of ways in which consumers come into contact with a brand
  • Need to get the information quickly and efficiently so can change direction if necessary – rather than relying on recall often well after the event on recall often well after the event

Brand exposure: 

  • Which brand / where / take picture

Brand perception:

  • Relationship with brand as if it were a person
  • Whether contact with brand changed perception
  • Data tracked in real time to see impact of messages tracked in real time

Give the SurveyPocket application a try and enjoy the intuitive, highly revolutionary application that is advancing the way market research is executed! 

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How To Represent For Your Demographic

Why is it important to collect a survey-taker’s contact information? Well, there are a lot of reasons why giving your contact information helps surveyors. With SurveyPocket’s new ability to collect contact information, we’ve added the efficiency for defining demographics, which gives SurveyPocket yet another advantage for a wider range of survey types.

Each address or name is selected at random to represent hundreds or thousands of others. We are not able to substitute another name or address for yours, and if you don’t participate it means that people like you are less represented in the information we provide to decision-makers. Your participation is voluntary but we encourage you to consider the important uses of the data we collect. Your information will be combined with other participants in the form of statistical data and your identity will never be connected to your responses.

How to add a Contact Information type question for SurveyPocket:

Click on the Add New Question button and select the Contact Information question type option from the Standard Questions drop menu.

Select contact information type to be added by respondent

On SurveyPocket the question will display as follows:


SurveyPocket App Adds Rank Order Survey Question While Offline

As SurveyPocket evolves, we’re seeing exciting offline question type support continue to increase. One of the latest offline capabilities added is Rank Order question functionality, which allows survey takers to rank items in order of preference by selecting a numeric value for each answer prompt.

Are you familiar with doing field research? Imagine conducting survey after survey, carrying and collecting all of that paper, just to have to later input the collected data into your online account . Now imagine carrying an iPad, with no worries of internet since SurveyPocket supports fully offline abilities. Later, once you have internet, just sync your iPad with your online Survey Analytics with a touch of a button.

Try it out. It’s free!

Rank Order Question on SurveyPocket

How to add a Rank Order Question and view in SurveyPocket?

Step 1: Under the Edit Survey page click on the Add New Question link:

Step 2: From the Standard Question types select the Rank Order question type.

Step 3: Now enter in the Question text and the Answer options and save the question.

Step 4: Create a device key to test on the SurveyPocket app.

Step 5: Pull up the SurveyPocket App on your iPad or iPhone and type in the device key.

Step 6: Pull up the survey in the iPad and view the Rank Order question.

Step 7:  After filling out the survey, make sure to synchronize and to view data online.

What’s YOUR Mobile Marketing Strategy – Here are 6 Great Ideas

In a recent post on the AMEX Open Forum, Ivana Taylor provides 6 Ways to Get and Keep Customers Using Your Mobile Device.

Here is a quick summary of her tips:

  1. Generate a 2-dimensional QR code and engage your customers and contacts with coupons or incentives.
  2. Get Paid.  There are apps for that.  I use a PayPal app on my Android device that does the trick nicely.
  3. Run Surveys – Ask a Panel.  Surveys can be FUN !  Why not run your next survey using SurveySwipe mobile survey platform.  It’s super easy.  You can ask an existing panel to answer questions OR you can upload your customer list and create your own panel.
  4. Customer Service.  Most CRM systems like have customer service apps that will allow you to help your customers on site.  You can also create an app just for your customers and deliver service on the fly.
  5. Education and Training.  YouTube is mobile – why not deliver demonstrations, training and education via mobile phone?
  6. Advertising.  This one is obvious, but can get overwhelming because there are so many options.  Use text messaging with Fanminder, offer alerts so that your customers can receive specials and offers straight to their device.